“The implementation of smartphone apps and Open Green Maps...expands the network of sustainable communities that have coalesced under the program. The i-phone app, winner of Treehugger’s 2011 Best of Green “Best Eco App for a Smart Phone,” includes a “What’s green nearby?” feature, which pinpoints sustainable businesses in the immediate surroundings of a mobile device. The Open Green Map, a participatory mapmaking website with more than 16,000 locations on view, provides an interactive platform to share insights, images, and impacts of local green sites of all kinds.”

- Leonel Lima Ponce, Inhabitat New York City

“Collaboration (on Open Green Map) offers us a dynamic and inclusive way of participating in a community of shared interests and concerns”

- Asian Journal, AJ Press

“San Francisco Supervisor Eric Mar commented, “The San Francisco Open
Green Map is a wonderful environmental gift to the people of San Francisco.
We hope to expand its use to more schools, community centers & neighborhoods. What a great example of how open source & GIS technology can be used to empower people and create a more sustainable world!”

“Owen Parker, who provided data processing and geocoding services for the San
Francisco Open Green Map, said, "It's good to see mapping services used in
this way--as a vehicle for expanding people's understanding of the world
around them.”

- Green Schools Initiative

“Admittedly, these particular icons are beautifully rendered by Green Mapping System. Green Maps are a tool for folks to intimately know their community—not only by seeing, but experiencing it, by charting eco-friendly or eco-detrimental points.”

- Austen Diamond, City Weekly

“Using familiar Google map technology, Open Green Map is a …growing database created by Green Map® System in hopes to "make these places part of your life, and help your community become a greener and healthier place."

- Julie, Green Space

“Interactive maps are a new way of visualizing social justice issues. They allow you to combine the new technologies of the Internet along with the visual appeal of a map to present an issue or subject more clearly”

- Meg143’s Blog

Baltimore's Green Map was started as an antidote to a prominent local map with a not-so-positive impact - the one that plots all the homicide spots in the city, helpfully published on the Baltimore Sun website. The Green Map was envisioned as an "upbeat alternative to it that might inspire people to make the city a greener place" and I bet it does exactly that.

- Garden Rant - Susan Harris
Open Green Map leverages the collaborative intelligence behind social technologies to provide a comprehensive geo-located resource to find green sites, wherever you are!... Building a green geo-platform is an excellent idea that will hopefully help millions find their green paths (and may it not become a leftout project). - Click2Map

...a new generation of maps like those at Green Map, mixes user-generated knowledge and information with freely-available, high quality digital cartography that can be made to help tell stories only locals could tell... Green Map has just launched a new web-based project to combine the maps into a single, open-sourced map, synthesizing the data into a geographic encyclopedia, of sorts.

- Tim Hurst - Celsias.com

It is important for people to revisit, and get to know their neighborhood in a comprehensive way. The idea behind this is: if you know more, you can love more. Green Map can also be used to voice concerns on neighborhood problems, which are often overlooked by urban planners. People should use Green Map to re-plan their neighborhood and make it more vibrant and sustainable.

- Marco Kusumawijaya on The Jakarta Globe
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