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Cardiff Transition brings you the Community Mapping project. This platform gives everyone the opportunity to highlight their own projects by listing the location (a community centre, a woodland project, bee keeping operation, community allotments, eco-schools initiative ..... the list is vast!) and adding information (website, images, links) to support build our potentially vast community networks.

This is not purely for people in SE Wales, yet the whole of the UK. All other Transition groups about UK are welcome to set up on Community Mapping and help our many communities and larger society reconnect by finding out about the many Sustainability related projects in your respective locale!

In support of Cardiff Transition's official Launch day on Wednesday, 23rd May 2012: this video has been created which you will find linked to the Cardiff Transition new website

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If you would like a video like this to promote your sustainability projects and initiatives, or social media support please contact us via email: or call us on 0845 456 5463 .

Davius is an organisation that supports networking and increasing awareness of local and national Sustainability (social inclusion, local economy & community, environmental improvements) initiatives.

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