Can I create more than one Open Green Map?

OGM is designed to help the registered Mapmaker manage multiple projects such as theme, district or school Open Green Maps that involve different people.

The Mapmaker can invite a Coordinator(s) or Team Members to help create and manage each OGM map. Both can add new sites that will appear instantly, with their username on the bottom of each site.

The Coordinator has additional permissions so they can help manage the project. Coordinators can edit any of the sites on the map, invite Team Members and make widgets. If you want to take part in a specific map, click the Info tab on the right, and on the bottom, click Join Team to send a message to the Mapmaker (if this link is not visible, click the Mapmaker Profile and contact them from there).

Under 'roles' on the Open Green Map platform, Mapmakers are called Team Leaders. When logged in, each map's map team member list is accessed from a tab over the map. Later, more team organization tools will be added here.

If you can't find your community here on the OGM platform, click and use the Search or click Mapmakers to contact them. If your city does not have a Green Map project underway, read about leading the effort at

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