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More features on the Open Green Map social mapping platform are in development! This page highlights the new elements in the works.

Public participation resources. Each site on the map has an expanded 'info window' where you can share your comments, ratings and impact assessments by clicking tabs. At Multimedia, you can share your videos, images and PDFs about the sites as well. Or, suggest a new site! Questions? The FAQ linked above has the answers! Click Share & Promote above for a wide range of participation and presentation resources for youth, community, civic and media. More involvement features will be added soon!

Widgets. Find a basic version of the widget on the Share and Promote page. Soon you'll be able to embed a variety of 'portable' Open Green Maps in any website, blog or email.

Data management. In late 2009, Green Mapmakers will be able to import data in batches as well as export content from this platform to create great printed Green Maps and related digital, curriculum and community building resources. If you want to download inspiring, beautifully designed locally-published Green Map editions now, many are linked in the Info Tab alongside each map with the Profile. Find even more in the Maps section at GreenMap.org.

Lines & Areas. New! Add bike lanes, walking tours, preservation zones, climate changed areas and more to Open Green Maps. These are described in the Legend tab alongside each map. Preview the Beta version in the Lines and Areas Demonstration Map. (Sorry, may be temporarily unavailable until mid-July 2009)

Mobile phones and other data sharing. Some exciting tools are in the works! We'd love to hear your ideas about this too.

Translated interfaces. Access the first interface languages on the upper left. Use the Google Translate menu on pages without maps. While any language can be added to any site's info windows and map information, the translation of the overall website takes a special template and dedicated effort! Please let us know if you can help.

Media and Outreach resources. Visit our Share and Promote page for resources from digital banners to Open Green Map parties to youth mapping guidance. There are many different tools for getting involved and more coming soon! A slideshow and video are below, too.

Support Open Green Map. Your support is greatly appreciated! Contribute by clicking Donate on the bottom line of any page. We welcome new sponsors, volunteers and your ideas, as well.

Issues. With open development, you may spot a bug or something that's not quite functioning ideally. Click contact us below, and let us know. Soon, a linked list of bugs and suggestions will be added here so you can help prioritize them.

We welcome your participation in this project! Click Contact to provide advice or Donate to pitch in! Supporting Green Map System means that you are helping communities worldwide. It's tax-deductible, too!

This video introduces the Open Green Map and features in development as of spring 2009. It can be downloaded as a PDF file below. Find more recent promotion resources at Share and Promote.

View our original images for the layout of Open Green Map. Your comments are welcome here!

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