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The world’s natural resources, including mineral oil, are being depleted at an alarming rate. Dependent as we are on fossilised reserves, the challenge is to develop alternative sources of energy that are renewable, sustainable and not harmful to our environment. Fossil fuels such as diesel and petrol will soon become too expensive for most people to afford. Fossil fuel could become unaffordable as early as 2015.

When we use fossil fuels, we send our money overseas and get fuel in return. We do this because our economy is unable to produce enough fossil fuels. In time to come when our currency is too weak to prove viable in purchasing foreign fossil fuel we will be forced to look elsewhere for any energy source. Bio Diesel S.A. you can be sure, will be involved in producing a renewable fuel which will assist in keeping our money in the country and growing our own economy.

We believe biodiesel represents one such alternative, an initiative that also promotes economic empowerment among emerging farmers, community growers and individuals. Biodiesel SA, manufacturers of environmentally-friendly fuel from used cooking oil and vegetable oil.

Biodiesel is an ideal fuel for the transportation industry in our country as it can be used in any diesel engine. Everything from food at the supermarket to the computer that you are using is transport using diesel. Diesel trucks, trains and boats bring computers, hi-fi’s, food, fuel, and cars from factories and farms to the shops that we depend on. Every transport method can run on biodiesel. If we were to grow our own fuel (vegetable oil) there wouldn’t be price hikes every time the dollar strengthened, which directly affects our fuel price.

Bio Diesel S.A. is in the process of working with the various government and agricultural departments with regard to implementing the commercial sale of biodiesel and growing suitable plants. With the amount of unused rural land that we have available in South Africa, this is an exciting project that could help with the unemployment problem that we have and would certainly help to empower and improve the lives of the lower income groups. For this to succeed we need to ensure that one day our children can have the pleasure of driving into a service station and filling up with our own grown fuel.

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Biodiesel SA

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