How can I get involved in the global Green Map movement?

There are different ways to take part in our growing global movement.

You can become the leader of your local community's Green Map team and make a major contribution to your home’s healthier and more sustainable future. Potential Green Mapmakers should explore the Participate section at to register a new Green Map project, and to use our adaptable tools, our award-winning copyrighted icons and trademarked name. Currently, you must be a registered Green Mapmaker to create an interactive Open Green Map.

Our Participate section includes resources for Green Map Users, Researchers, Journalists and Supporters. There are links for Youth, University students and other Global Citizens, too. There's a wealth of inspiring resources based on the experiences of Mapmakers worldwide!

If you are a public user of this platform, click How can I add to the Open Green Map? in this FAQ to find great ways to interact with this platform.

See this FAQ's How can I help support this important work? for more ways to help as a Contributor to its data and to support its growth.

Using OGM is free, but there are expenses from building and maintaining OGM. Please click the Donate button on the bottom menu to contribute online.

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