What is Green Map System?

A non-profit organization, Green Map System promotes inclusive participation in sustainable community development around the world, using mapmaking as its medium. Active since 1995, the Green Map network of locally-led projects includes more than 500 cities, towns and villages in over 50 countries.

Think Global, Map Local! Explore the hundreds of local Green Maps, the diverse Mapmakers who created them, our globally recognized iconography, our awards and news, and our organization's history at GreenMap.org.

Think Global, Map Social! In 2008, Green Map System began developing the Open Green Map, a new social mapping website that is revolutionizing Green Mapmaking. Launching in June 2009, OGM creates an online community space that helps people share their insights, images and impacts about green sites on both a local and global scale. The About section has a general introduction to this interactive mapmaking and social networking platform.

Green Map System's global office is in New York City.
Send mail to PO Box 249, New York NY USA 10002-0249, or email us to arrange a visit to our East Village office at info [@] greenmap [.] org.
Reach us by phone at 1+ 212 674 1631.

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