How do I add a Green Site to a Green Map?

First you need to search for the Open Green Map that you want to contribute. Click the Add a Site tab, located on top of every map. Then, fill out some basic information about the site (* = mandatory)...

Name of site *: Provide the name of your Green Site (sites can have the same name).

Primary Icon *: You have to pick an icon. This icon will be the one showing up on the map, so pick the one most true to your site.

Secondary Icon (Optional): The icon will show up inside the info-window, when someone clicks on the site icon. A maximum of 6 icons is allowed (with 6 icons it may look a little cluttered – it is up to you to judge).

Details *: The information entered here will show up in the second large info-window (shown when the user clicks on the plus sign in the first small info-window). You can put any text in here - description of the site, opening hours, etc. Remember that the first 100 words are the most important, so avoid lengthy descriptions, or break it up in paragraphs!

Maps: This is an important step to remember! If your Mapmaking team has more than one Green Map on the OGM, they will be listed here. Regardless of having one or more maps, you will need to check the box to which map the site should belong (or both or all, if applicable). You also need to decide whether this site should be public yet or not. If your Open Green Map is not yet public, you may as well check ‘Public’ and the site will only be public when the map goes public.

Private map: Check this box when your map is under construction or you don’t want the map to be public yet.

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