How do I enter the Location of my Green Site?

There are three ways of adding the location:

Option 1. Type in the street address, city, state, and/or country and when you submit the site it will automatically find the location for you (you should check this after you submit the site to make sure the site is in the right place).
Note: The address you type here will also show up in the information about the site, in the info-window (under the site name, above the tabs and details).

Option 2. Latitude and longitude. Usually you do not need to enter the latitude and longitude. Google will try and calculate these for you based on the address.

Option 3. Set the location using the Google Map. If there is no address for the site, or Google calculates the wrong location, you can use the map to set the location. Here is how: use either Map, Satellite, or Hybrid in the Map settings (upper right corner) and click in the general location of your Green Site (without zooming in) and the map will position the marker and zoom in one step. Then continue to click at the right location to get closer and closer and eventually in the correct spot (the platform will zoom in for every click you make and increase the map details). It is important to zoom in all the way in to make sure the green site will be in the right spot.

Save your Green Site and add it to your Green Map by clicking SUBMIT.

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