How do I format my Green Site? How do I maintain the same format throughout all of my Green Sites?

This text can be formatted with simple HTML code. Click the link provided: ‘More information for formatting options’. The simplest things are in bold, in italics, numbered or bulleted text.

Some Suggestions...
- If you want to keep your Green Site information formatted and typed the same way, be sure to note how you did it for the first site. Then it is simple to follow your style for each site you list (see more below under ‘Details’).

- It will look nice if you keep the format consistent for all sites of a certain icon. For example, all detail fields for farmer’s markets have Location, When, Season and contact information listed.

- To minimize aggravations of lost data, you can collect your Green Site information in another format (text document, database, table, etc.).

- What is important is to enter at least the required data and then save by clicking Submit on the bottom of the page.

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