How does the Directory (Legend, Info, Search) on the right sidebar work?

Next to each interactive Open Green Map, you will find three tabs that will help you explore the different maps.

Legend Tab: Click the genre (Sustainable Living, Nature, or Culture and Society) to see all the Green Map® Icons selected for this Open Green Map by the Mapmaker (the World View uses all the icons). Click each category title to see more icons. Toggle each icon on (solid color) or off (pale) to choose the Icons and personalize your view of the map. Or, click the checkbox to make a whole category of icons disappear.

To read the title and definition of an icon, hover over it (mouseover or hold the cursor without clicking).

You can do the same with the Lines and Areas.

Posters and information about the globally recognized Green Map Icons can be downloaded at

Info Tab: Overview on the currently displayed map and the Green Mapmaker team. Links take you to profiles, downloadable locally designed Green Maps, more about the map, statistics, etc. This is the best place to learn more about the people and organization who created this Green Map!

Search Tab: Currently in basic format, you can jump to any address or site on this Open Green Map website. There is also a linked list of other Open Green Maps made by this Mapmaker.

Search Tips:
Type in key words and click the Search button.
The search feature is not case sensitive. All letters will be interpreted as lower case.
If you are searching for an exact phrase, put quotation marks around your search term (such as "Green Apple Map").
More tips are on Google's website.

To search the whole website, used the Search box on the lower menu. To search all OGM maps, switch to the World View (or click the OGM logo on the left, then Explore on the home page).

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