Cloning - How to quickly add similar sites?

Login at
Under MyOGM, choose My Account.
Click one of the sites you have put on your map

Above the site's title, you will see 3 tabs, View, Edit and Clone.
Click Clone.
It duplicates the site and changes the title to Clone of - Site Name -
Simply change the title, then scroll down to the map.
Move the scale slider almost the way to the top and click the location of this new site.
You can change the address and any other details, then click Submit on the bottom.

This Clone tab is visible on any site that you have made (your user name appears on the site's bottom line.
That is why we suggest going through MyOGM's to My Account, as only your own sites are visible there (whereas Map Dashboard includes sites by others on your map).

Of course, you can start by creating a new site, then clicking its Clone tab.

Cloned sites have all the same features as any other site.


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