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03/31/2012 - 06:58
Anonymous- I think you were a Lone Maple Farm afenster

Anonymous- I think you were a bit harsh in your scolding of Lone Maple Farm's business- you should always talk to the business owner before jumping to conclusions about a farm's business ethic.

However- I think the owner of Lone Maple Farm was able to adequately describe their business mission and make sense of the criticism.

Remember- fairness is important here. This site serves to educate and get people connected to local businesses, institutions, etc that share in the common mission of sustainability and earth stewardship- so lets not lose sight of what its all about.

Again, problems or concerns should be voiced to the business before conclusions are rashly made.

07/19/2010 - 16:29
As the owner of Lone Maple Lone Maple Farm lonemaplefarm

As the owner of Lone Maple Farm, I invite this anonymous writer to come smell and taste the over 42 items baked fresh each day at our farm market. To insure safety and consistency there are ingredients that we aquire that are frozen and then used in our fresh baked items each day. We have no intent to "fool" anyone...instead it is our mission to have the highest quality best tasting fruits, vegetables, plants, baked goods, ice cream and wine available. For a list of the crops we grow, please visit http://www.lonemaplefarm.com/farmmarket.html. We don't grow bananas, lemons, oranges here, but everything we do grow is clearly labeled. We also clearly label the origin of such things as "Georgia Cantaloupes". We are the only local farm that grows fruits and vegetables hydroponically all year including during the winter months. I invite the above writer, the better business bureau, and all our faithful consumers to experience the best tasting, locally grown items available. "Annonymous" who are you? I wouldn't place much value on words written by "Anonymous!

Buy Local. Eat Healthy. Thank you, Mike Harris owner of Lone Maple Farm.

07/19/2010 - 16:29
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