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Welcome to the NYC Composting Green Map, a guide to sites that facilitate the transformation of organic materials into compost. Composting is an efficient method of recycling that takes organic material (mainly kitchen waste and plant matter) and decomposes it into compost, a rich soil-like material that is essential to beautiful gardens and local food production. Compost, once mixed with the soil, releases organic nutrients and improves water retention, benefiting houseplants, gardens, parks, farms and street trees. Composting is a great way to make use of one’s organic waste. The average New Yorker discards two pounds of organic garbage a day. Citywide, that’s a million tons a year! The Composting Green Map provides a slew of sites where you can learn about about this natural waste-to-soil process. Some allow the public to drop off organic waste, others are ‘member’s only’. For more information, we highly recommend the NYC Compost Project , a valuable resource for those interested in creating their own compost, providing composting workshops and other learning resources. Special thanks to Lower East Side Ecology Center, our partners on the printed Composting Green Map of Manhattan (click Download Map on the right for the PDF), and to the Manhattan Borough President, the SWAB and Citizens Committee for their support of 2011’s updating of this interactive map. The printed edition of the Compost Green Map of Manhattan has been updated and printed three times. The chart created for it has been included in other cities' Green Map publications, too. Green Map System enjoys having a worm bin in the office, so none of its coffee grounds, lunch scraps or plant trimming go to waste. It's one of many things done to reduce waste and stretch resources further. In the near future, this Open Green Map will help expand composting in all 5 of NYC's boroughs!

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