Downes Cottage

Downes Cottage

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60 Eighth Avenue
Downes Cottage
The land was originally purchased for $2,490 from the Atlantic Highlands Association in December, 1884. However, the house did not arrive until 1930 when it was moved to this location from halfway round the circular avenue at 12 Eighth Avenue; there it occupied center place between similar houses at 10 and 16 Eighth Avenue. The cottage represents the best preserved example of the Carpenter Gothic style in Atlantic Highlands. The two-story wraparound porch and flaring eaves are embellished by elaborate original mill work. a recessed balcony is in the third floor gable. The house has pale blue shingles, columns with dark blue brackets and balustrades, and white mill work. The garden includes a fishpond and a stone wall with stairs leading up to Prospect Avenue.

Triplet Houses?
Three cottages at 10 Eighth Avenue, 12 Eighth Avenue, and 16 Eighth Avenue were built as neighbors in 1882, 1883, and 1885. All three had identical building footprints, a vernacular Victorian style, curving front roof lines and five-column front porch. but a close comparison reveals noteworthy differences. The big surpise is that one was moved halfway around the circling avenue.

Noted for it's Gingerbread by the Atlantic Highlands Historical Society.


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second year ,Liu Zhenju became the

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But will move in the new home owners are not happy.They found that, at present is the construction of the new home that exposed a series of problems, we do not sit.In September 1st, the sales offices in the project for adults, decoration materials and others does not conform to the standard of filling refuse material, ceiling, lighting, F1 apartment layout block housing a series of problems such as water leakage to the developers questions, requests for interpretation and rectification.
Owner Mr. Liu said reluctantly, the green group in Beijing and the surrounding market development of a number of projects have had serious quality problems.Although now metropolis has not sought, but expos christian louboutin outleted problem is to let them believe that green product quality is worthy of trust.
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The author expressed that owners representative field there are differences, he said that if the true “ must get to the bottom of!” to press the author learns, Greenland Group has promised to adhere to the owners request, Jilin forest floor owners to replace.
r owners reflects water leakage problems, Li thistle to the author enquires project office.Human rights day, and site owners to negotiate developers agency staff to individuals evade the crucial point, and do not accept the author interviews.
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n electronic scale ,more than a dozen villagers carrying just pluck daylily lined up in scale .
Each acquisition a ,middle-aged people are seriously in the notebook ,weight and money number name .Obviously ,it is the country most ordinary but a private acquisition point .The middle-aged man named Liu Zhenju ,Feng Village people .
Most of the village and people, Liu Zhenju also planted 2 mus of daylily ,planting area should be the minimum ,but from his day lily on revenue is the most .Every year through acquisition Ugg ,processing of lily ,Liu Zhenju has the least income 200000 yuan .
Others grow I buy Feng Village cultivated day lily has a history of 15 years ,whole village cultivates Lily area reached 3000 hectares, accounting for half of the arable land in the village .
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The boss agreed History ,from the beginning of the second year ,Liu Zhenju became the boss of the agents responsible for the history ,Feng Village of daylily collection acquisition ,each one day lily ,can have 0.
1 yuan .The first year the harvest season is over, Liu Zhenju earned nearly $130000 .Built in cold storage processing when a few years after the agents ,Liu Zhenju really made a lot of money .
But in the process of acquisition ,he found the fresh-cut lily at room temperature can only be kept for 3 days ,if not in time, will produce mildew .Lily of the harvest time is relatively concentrated, sometimes one day can receive ten jins of vegetables ,the v Cheap homecoming dressesegetables if not transported out in time ,will have a loss ,watching for preservation reasons leading to the product level drop ,Liu Zhenju heartache .
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Liu Zhenju bought dish according to the change of the market by selling ,have further profit space, less than two years ,investment cost to recover all of cold storage .As the day lily on a deeper understanding of the market ,Liu Zhenju discovered that Feng Village production of daylily quality should be in the country is top-ranking ,many foreign businessmen come to Feng Zhuang acquisition of daylily ,after steaming ,drying and processing ,stick label Wedding dresses after value doubled . Cheap Christian louboutin shoes
He felt by selling vegetables ,the villagers profit is limited ,only on day lily processing, form their own brand ,in order to have more income .Based on this idea ,Liu Zhenju links the village most growers ,incorporated the Feng Zhuang da Replica rolexylily professional cooperatives ,the whole village into cooperatives farmers already amounted to 241, area 1567 mus .
Cooperatives rely on Pingyu county day lily processing limited company ,in accordance with the requirements of strict production .In the county ,town two class government help ,successful cooperation of State Administration for Industry and Commerce in registered Qinghe Park brand trademark ,Feng Village daylily has finally had its own brand .
According to the United States NFH cooperative technical request of daylily for steaming ,salting ,drying ,packaging ,Ming sign ,after fine s .


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