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Since 1997 Thermex has provided hundreds of homes and industries in Kwazulu Natal with affordable diversified heating and alternate power solutions. Specialising in floor heating (both Hydronic and electric) , PV solar inverters, heat pumps and solar water heating.

Over the years we have diversified and become energy conscious now providing you with a number of energy saving solutions listed below.

What is PV Solar
Solar panels (modules) are clean, silent and environmentally harmless solid state device's that are made up of thin layers of semi-conducting material. These conduct an electric flow of DC (direct current) when exposed to daylight. The greater the light level the greater the flow.

Panels come in many different variations to suite your needs, whether it be roof mount, ground mount, flat roof or integrated roof systems.

The panels connect to an inverter, which then converts the DC current into a useable AC (alternating current). The inverter connects directly into your consumer unit so that the power it produces can then be utilized within a property for lighting and power.

PV (photo-voltaic) system's captures the suns free energy and converts it into useable electricity for your home. The free electricity can then be used to power electrical appliances around your home to help reduce or even eliminate your energy bills and minimize CO2 emissions.

There are a number of inverters of different makes and sizes if a grid tie inverter is used you will be able to put power back into the grid and build up credits with Eskom if the municipality in your area allows this.

Give us a call and we will answer all your questions on this amazing product.

Heat Pumps
An efficient and renewable source of energy that will cut your water heating costs by as much as 66%.

A Thermex Air to Water Heat Pump uses the air around you to heat hot water. By replacing conventional domestic and industrial heaters, such as geysers, boilers and electric water heaters, Thermex Air to Water Heat Pumps provide you with higher energy efficiency and savings on your monthly electricity bills. Another advantage is the minimal use of space and low installation costs. Give us a call and a consultant will provide you with details on which heat pump is right for you, how much money you can save and further details about the Eskom installation rebates.

Solar Water
Solar water heating systems use free heat from the sun to warm domestic hot water. A conventional boiler or immersion heater can be used to make the water hotter, or to provide hot water when solar energy is unavailable.

We provide a variety of solar water collectors for the domestic and industrial market. Our collectors are available as either direct or indirect systems, in sizes ranging from 100l, 150l or 200l as well as any combinations thereof. We specialises in converting existing geysers to solar water heated systems. In addition we offer our locally designed and manufactured S21 differential temperature controller complete with all the plumbing fittings and circulating pump which allow customers to integrate solar heated water into existing systems for maximum efficiency. Did you know under new legislation 40% of water heating systems must be renewable for all buildings built from October last year?

Feel free to ask us any questions and also let us quote you for free.

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