G.E.E.S.E: Glencairn Education & Environmental Support Enthusiasts

71 Glen Road,
The Old Manse, Glencairn
Cape Town

G.E.E.S.E: Glencairn Education & Environmental Support Enthusiasts



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GEESE is the acronym for Glencairn Education & Environmental Support Enthusiasts, and we are a group of people who are passionate about our vlei (valley) through which runs the River Els (Else) on its way into False Bay off the Cape Peninsula.

At times it seeps through a wetland (which was caused by man), only to form a river as it flows out into the sea, with water in it nearly all the year round. The wetland was caused by the rail and road bridges over the Els River being built in the early 1900s on the Simon’s Town side of Glencairn Beach/Els Bay. This prevented the sea from flowing naturally and tidally up the river.

The wetland was declared a Nature Conservation Area by John Wiley, then MP for Simon’s Town, as is recorded on a rock where the Glen Road crosses the Els. There are a number of paths round the wetland, some being used by workers going to and from work, and all of them by walkers, many with their dogs.

We have two pans with different characteristics: the top one is the home of Moorhens who have raised two clutches this season, three lots of chicks in each, and the bottom, nearer the sea, is home for the Coots. There should be many more birds but there are two busy roads on either side which are inhibiting factors.

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Lillian Groutsky 3月 2012 "I have lived in Glencairn for many years and I recently placed a visit to the Glencairn Wetlands for the first time. I discovered how lovely of an area it really is. I appreciated all the hard work the GEESE people have put in to conserving it. It is greatly appreicated, not only my us humans, but mainly by the wonderful plants and animals that reside in that area. Please continue with all of your greatness to maintain this magnificent wetland conservation. All my love, Granny Groutsky."
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