Beijing High School No.4 (北京四中)

A2 Xihuangchenggen Beijie
Xicheng District
11 100034

Beijing High School No.4 (北京四中)



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Beijing High School No.4 (北京四中) has cooperation program with Univerisity of Missouri- St. Louis. It is one of the best high schools in China and has a long history. "It was established in 1907 by the Shun Tian Government (Beijing Government) during the Qing Dynasty, known as the Shun Tian Secondary School at the time. After the Xinhai Revolution, the school was renamed as Capital Public No.4 Secondary School (京师公立第四中学), which was not changed into the current name until 1949, when the People's Republic of China was proclaimed, the school was among the first to be accredited as "Municipal Model High School" by the Beijing Municipal Commission of Education." ( The highschool has many sister schools around the world and has a international department for international students. It offers various courses on both science and art, and encourage student to explore knowledge by themselves. Besides learning, students do research projects every year on the subjects they are interested in. The school's website is
Beijing High School No.4 also has a green campus. There is a swimming pool in the stadium and the water is reused in all bathrooms in the class building. Also, every classroom has two trash bins and students do rubbish categorizing. There are also bins for battery recycling. What is more, Beijing High School No.4 has rules of light using. The last one leaving the dorm is responsible to turn off the lights in the room and the number of lights used in classroom during self-study in the evening is according to the number of students remained.


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