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Apollo Sunguard Systems



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The 2nd oldest outdoor shade company in existence; Apollo Sunguard Systems, Inc. is the leader in providing customized shade products; our mission is to provide superior sun protection from UV radiation and heat, while promoting shade comfort, sun safety, healthy living and environment preservation. Our environmentally friendly products support a green living philosophy by reducing the amount of energy resources required for cooling people, pets and property.

Apollo Shade Structures™ are a natural fit for use in a many applications; designed to complement existing architecture, adding to the beauty of your property, or, designed as a new construction element for comfort and sun safety; all purposes provide years of protection while enhancing the overall attractiveness of the surroundings. Apollo Sunguard Systems provides a 15 year non-prorated warranty on the fabric—best in the industry!!

We provide patented breathable fabrics that are up to 20 degrees cooler than open sun areas and block up to 97 percent ultraviolet (UV) radiations, providing the ultimate in guest comfort. Ideal for playgrounds, ballparks (baseball, soccer, football, etc.), aquatic parks, golf courses, and tennis courts…anywhere there is a need for shade!
President Kevin Connelly explains that the shade structures act as a bio-mimicry designed product, imitating elements of nature. The fabric products act in a similar function of a shade tree by reducing UV sunrays, lowering temperatures and allowing air to still pass through. With their new residential shades they have engineered the aluminum structures to be made from smaller pieces that are linked together. This creates shipping advantages, lowers costs and creates less impact.

As a green business partner Apollo Sunguard Systems has implemented a number of initiatives that have positive impacts on the environment. Focusing on recycling, they look to utilize excess fabric as customer swatches. The staff recycles paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and cans. In the break area, they have reusable cups and mugs eliminating the need for excess paper products.

Apollo Sunguard Systems is involved with our local community. They are partnering with Sarasota County Sustainability Department on the Urban Heat Island Project and are working with the University of Florida to design shade structures reducing UV radiations that allow extended agricultural growing seasons in Florida. Being a veteran himself, Connelly works with local veterans on programs, such as Florida Veterans for Common Sense. He also is past president of Sarasota Manatee Manufactures Association (SAMA).

Apollo Sunguard Systems became a Sarasota County Green Business Partner in 2014. The Green Business Partnership (GBP) encourages environmental stewardship in the commercial sector, and recognizes businesses that make an extra effort to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. This collaborative effort includes businesses, business organizations and local governments. The GBP was initiated through a grant awarded by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to Sarasota County. For more information about the Green Business Partnership visit: www.scgov.net/greenbusiness


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