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Dedicated to fostering a more sustainable future, 'Truegreen' offers a unique range of environmentally friendly solutions, including biodegradable and compostable products, waste disposal solutions and waste-to-fuel products in the south Asian and GCC regions.

Technologically advanced and internationally certified, 'Truegreen' is manufactured and marketed exclusively by Greendiamz Biotech Pvt. Ltd. in India and distributed by New Green World FZ LLC, a pioneering eco-enterprise based in Dubai but operating across borders into India and N Africa besides the Gulf area

While being the fastest developing in the world, South Asia and the GCC region are also subjected to the growing challenge of depleting energy resources and environmental pollution. The land pollution, in particular, is one of the highest in the world here with tons of non-degradable plastic bags discarded into the environment each day and killing millions of marine and land animals.

The retail boom in the regions has increased the dependency on plastic packaging by many folds. Switching to paper packaging has proven an impractical solution, due to its non-flexible texture, dependency on wood and high-energy consumption as well as extremely high pollution potential. 'Truegreen' is now introducing the regions to the most practical, environmentally safe and affordable alternative to plastic – 'Truegreen' certified bio-plastic.

In Ahmadabad, India, Truegreen has built the first fully dedicated Bio plastic factory in the world.

The 'Truegreen' bio-plastic range is manufactured using Biolice®, a fully compostable and 100% biodegradable plastic-like material. Manufactured from naturally grown cereals, a renewable resource, Biolice® bears the OK COMPOST label and complies with the European Norm EN 13432, U.S Norm ASTM D 6400 and International Norm ISO 17088.These standards imply that soil bacteria will decompose 95% of the material to carbon, oxygen and non-toxic biomass within a maximum of 180 days.

The 'Truegreen' bio-plastic range manufactured from Biolice® includes,

'Truegreen' film for custom-printed carry bags, Bags on rolls for garbage, garden waste and Dog Littere bags and other tailor-made bags
'Truegreen' fast-food utensils and boxes in tailor-made shapes and sizes
'Truegreen' clamshells and other thermoformed products
'Truegreen' mulch film for use in agriculture and horticulture
'Truegreen' lining material for jute bags, canvas bags and paper bags to give a truly "biodegradable" tag to these natural fibres

'Truegreen' bio-plastic can replace plastic packaging and storage in a variety of industries today. They include, retail businesses seeking environmentally safe shopping bags; any manufacturing unit that uses plastic packaging and filler material; local municipality for garbage disposal in fully compostable trash bags; hotels and food industry for composting discarded food and other organic waste; and individuals who would like to compost food waste compost to be used in gardens.

With its non-dependency on petroleum products, 'Truegreen' bio-plastic is not only environmentally friendly they can also be economically advantageous.

'Truegreen' bio-plastic is the smartest way to safeguard our environment while not compromising on the flexibility of plastic. Switch to 'Truegreen' today, re use your bags, contribute to a greener and cleaner tomorrow.

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