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Chinatown Singapore



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Chinatown Singapore
The migrations in the 19th and the 20th century from the different parts of South Asia have led to the formation of multi-cultural society in Singapore. The Chinatown in Singapore contains Chinese cultural elements, as the place is concentrated with Chinese population. The Chinatown Heritage Center, Chinatown Food Street and Chinatown Night Market are popular for heritage and tourism purposes.
The Chinese form the dominant section of the total population who have retained their cultural traits. The Chinatown in Singapore is important historically and is also declared as the national heritage site. It all started with the Raffles plan to divide the colonial Singapore and where the Chinese populace tended to reside. But later the Chinese population settled in the different parts of Singapore with the Chinatown becoming overcrowded.
In the Singapore Chinatown the architecture of the buildings showcases the mix of different elements that is baroque architecture and Victorian architecture. The streets are always bustling with people from all walks of life. The streets are colorful with the shops spilling over their products at times on to the streets.
In the Chinatown the places of interest include mosques, temples, markets and parks etc. During the festive occasions it would be worthwhile to visit the religious centers, as they become the center of attraction. The visitors interested in shopping this place would be unmatched as it would be combination of the traditional and modern stuff. Not only this the cuisine in Chinatown comprises of the unique Chinese delicacies.
While walking on the streets of Singapore Chinatown one can also take a ride on the trishaw as the puller peddles you down the street. To reach this historic place one make use of the Chinatown MRT station on the Pagoda Street that is well integrated with the other transport system.

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Chinatown Singapore

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