Al Ain Zoo and Wildlife Park حديقة العين للحيوان و الحياة البرية

Al Ain

Al Ain Zoo and Wildlife Park حديقة العين للحيوان و الحياة البرية

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Deeply rooted in the culture and values of the UAE, the Al Ain Wildlife Park & Resort (AWPR) is a symbol of the UAE’s commitment to wildlife conservation, both locally and globally. Building on the 40 year heritage of the Al Ain Zoo, which was itself established by the founder of the nation Sheikh Zayed, it will showcase biodiversity and provide a vibrant, fascinating demonstration of sustainable desert living.

The living, beating heart of the project will be the World Deserts, featuring the Oasis Gardens, a spectacular, interlinked collection of cacti and succulents, desert palms and flowering trees, with individual, dedicated areas to showcase the UAE, Arabian, African, Asian and Sonoran deserts.

Further highlights will include the Sheikh Zayed Desert Learning Centre. Embedded within the beautiful UAE World Desert, the Centre will offer fascinating displays and exhibits to bring the history of Abu Dhabi and the local region into vivid life. A centrepiece of this will be an exploration of conservation methods that have been used over the centuries in the endless battle to preserve life in these unforgiving, arid conditions. Seeing these practices, we hope, will help visitors to absorb not just the practices but also the awareness that is needed today, to continue conserving desert life.

Most people think of the desert as a monotonous, barren place, where little or nothing will grow. Nothing could be further from the truth, as we will be happy to prove with a major botanical collection that can be seen and enjoyed all through the park. Our deserts actually support an incredibly rich biodiversity, with some unique and extraordinary plants that have developed brilliant strategies for surviving the droughts and heat. Many are beautiful; many have fed and sustained desert people for millennia. Our plant collections will celebrate their ingenuity and beauty, and will be displayed in harmony with our animal collections, as part of a series of habitats. For instance the Arabian World Desert, a perfect re-creation of the mountains of Yemen and Oman, will not only be home to Arabian leopards, Nubian ibexes and Hamydryas baboons, but also to frankincense trees and desert aloes.

Setting new highs for a truly breathtaking, life changing taste of life in the wild, our range of safari experiences will be simply unparalleled. The range will offer a choice of African, Arabian and Asian safaris, with overnight encampments available in the Arabian and Asian options.

Behind the scenes, the Conservation and Breeding Centre will continue the development’s long term commitment to conservation, with projects like the reintroduction of the Arabian oryx. Utilising much of the existing Zoo, it will house specialist nurseries and research laboratories and act as the breeding and holding area for many of the animal and plant collections.

But while the resort will showcase life and nature at its rawest, there will be no need for visitors to sacrifice their own creature comforts! There will be a range of shopping facilities and accommodation options to suit every budget, all the way up to exclusive 5-star hotels. Something absolutely unique to the development will be a number of residential communities which front onto the routes of the safaris, literally putting wildlife on the doorstep. Each of these well planned communities will be unique in its own special way, with intelligently landscaped parks, pathways and communal areas that enable people to interact without detracting from their privacy.

All in all, the AWPR will be a unique natural destination, quite unlike any other place on Earth, where people, wildlife and the environment can co-exist in a sustainable manner.

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Al Ain Zoo and Wildlife Park حديقة العين للحيوان و الحياة البرية

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