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• It is registered in a very friendly way as '우리동네 그린맵 (My Town GreenMap)', which is based on Korean words, at the website. • The people making this map in Korea have translated Green Map Icons (version 3) to help local users understand the meaning quite easily for their own local situation. Working with the Green Map office in New York, the Korean Icon Poster will soon be available at GreenMap.org/icons. • Also, while many others are using the Open Green Map to quickly and easily create an interactive Green Map, the underlying Google Map lacks detail in Korea. Gyeonggi-do selected the 'Naver Map' which is made by a popular portal site, Naver, in Korea and functions in a very similar way to Google Map. Therefore, they adopted it to produce their Green Map because many Koreans prefer Naver. In 2011 there is a special focus on Korea at the New York office, in part because Jinhwa Ju, a marketing trainee from Seoul will be on staff through July 2011. You can reach her at trainee [at] greenmap [dot] org or simply click GreenMap.org/join to find out more about getting involved and registering as a Green Mapmaker. Then, you can access all of the tools and develop a great project with your school, university, city, company or community group. As a result, we hope that more and more Green Map projects with take place from now on in Korea.

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