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Ethical fashion is difficult to come by in a growing world that demands people to constantly stay up with everyday trends. There are, however, many clothing sites that aim to change this common conception and offer “good clothing” while still remaining fashionable. What qualifies these resources to be ethical? Is it that they are environmentally sustainable and are produced with eco-materials, being organic, vegan, recycled or swapped? Is it that they are produced following an ethical social contract? Or is it simply that they encourage sustainable behavior and donate some of their profits to ethical organizations? We at Green Map System believe in balance and that in order to truly be considered ethical fashion, there must be some of all of these qualities.

The NYC “Good Clothing” map allows the public to make more consciousness decisions by identifying all fashion sites that exercise these ethical qualities. Sustainable clothing is commonly understood to be dated and unfashionable, Green Map hopes to change this misconception by identifying the ethical fashion forward sites; showing that good clothing can be trendy too. The map is also harnessed towards the locals of the neighborhood because it identifies where old clothes can be donated and where swapping events occur.

Education is prime ignitor for change. When the public is educated on such a subject, it becomes clearer what choices they should make. The “Good Clothing” map encompasses how sustainable manufacturers make their environmentally conscious product, how textiles are recycled in NYC, as well as, how to take care of clothing to ensure longevity. Educating consumers on these subjects will provoke more conscious decisions, showing that ethical fashion is not only hip but easy to do as well. Read more by our intern, Samantha Riccio on this topic here and check out the Pintrest view of the map's resources, too!.

What Qualifies Sustainable Clothes?
Organic, vegan, recycled, swapped
Ethically produced
Encouraging sustainable behavior
Profit donated to environmental funds
Non-disposable and well made
Made of eco-conscious materials
Fair Trade
Vintage or second-hand
Sold to profit philanthropic causes
Locally produced (manufactured where it was conceived)
Handcrafted in a way that preserves artisanal traditions


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