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Everywhere you go in Cardiff there are bits of land where there is the potential to grow some food. One way of thinking about this is to see Cardiff as a farm, with the potential to produce much more of its own food.

Farm Cardiff is keen to harness this underused resource by inspiring individuals and groups to identify areas in their neighbourhood where there is food growing potential and then feed the info back to us where we will place it on an online map available to everyone.

It could be a small area at the end of your street where there might be room for a nut tree, it could be a brown field site where you think raised beds with veg could work, it could be a community centre where you would like to join with others in creating a community garden, it could be a street verge where fruit trees could be grown.

It’s up to you to go out, explore the area where you live and start to pinpoint areas where you think there is potential for growing food as accurately as possible.

With the online map that gets created you will be able to see that there are others in your area who have identified land and are interested in food growing in your neighbourhood. Let us know if you’d like to be put in contact with fellow mappers in your area.

Each area of land will have its own character and opportunities. Farm Cardiff along with its older sister, Orchard Cardiff, will aim to give pointers on how to go from mapping, to approaching the land owner, food growing, harvesting, cooking, eating, preserving or to wherever the project takes you, either with others or as a lone guerrilla gardener.

Farm Cardiff is an open informal group with a range of skills but above all enthusiasm and the commitment to make the project work. Let us know if you would like to join - we will be posting when and where we will be meeting on FB and via a group email.

Current Farm Cardiff members: Jenny Howell, Phil Martin, Sam Holt, Maizie Elfin, Helen Reardon, Lewis Mottram, Kate Knowles and Michele Fitzsimmons. Hope to hear from you soon!


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