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08/14/2013 - 19:51
I was disappointed and Coleraine Borough Council Offices Anonymous

I was disappointed and disgusted by the state of the public toilets in a busy holiday area such as Portstewart. Surley there should be more vigilance by the council to ensure that this department (which should promote health) is kept in a suitable presentation for visitors and towns people alike. As a nurse myself (from the outskirts of Belfast) I was shocked and horrified by the infection possibillites. There was no toilet roll and no soap for handwashing. Children using the toilet facilities would have been contaminated by the toilet seat being soiled and the fact that the toilet would not even flush after use. Please can your officer in charge of public toilets do something to improve the facilities at this premier seaside resort. We do not want people from other countries or even other areas of Northern Ireland going away with the wrong impression of our beautiful land. We also do not want them to pick up some horrible infection. Please make contact with me to advise me of your ongoing attention to this matter and as follows I am giving you my name and telephone number:- Mrs. Nancy J. Willliams 07752056704.

04/06/2010 - 17:09
The receptionist was Coleraine Health Centre Anonymous (not verified)

The receptionist was impatient and didn't seem to want to be able to find me an appointment at all. I was polite and yet she hung up the phone after I asked whether being registered with the family planning clinic in the medical centre would my records be in the ordinary clinic also. Unfortunately medical clinics dont function like other businesses where they need to create a good report with 'customers', and it seems like this medical clinic was doing a good job in not welcoming sick people. I am extremely dissapointed with their service, knowing a receptionist in a doctor's surgery myself I know how awkward patients can be and therefore can say I was an extremely easy patient to speak to and organise an appointment with.

11/16/2009 - 06:53
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