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The intent of this map is to create a resilient community network of support in Kansas City. Mapping the city's abundant resources will identify and support the strong synergies we intend to create. We hope that both organizations and individuals will find this map useful and inspiring. Those involved in the mapping project are potential KC ARTS Ecovillage members and allies with deep knowledge of the city. We began the mapping project by participating in Shareable.net's Shareable Cities Network Global Map Jam. Our goals were to map 1) shared community resources and groups focused on sharing (credit unions, community currencies, energy coops, community gardens, coworking spaces, urban farms, maker spaces, community centers, community land trusts, bikesharing stations, worker coops, food coops, farmer's markets, tool and seed libraries etc) and 2) potential collaborators and assets for the Ecovillage like neighborhood groups, institutions, and existing maps and lists. We intend to continue to add to this map and knit together the various sector-specific lists around the area.

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