Along with many other brands interested in offering modern looking Cartier watches that hopefully have a timeless look

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Cartier timepieces has a strong relationship with Italian designer. Last year they surprised us with a watch based on that partnership that was an impressive combination of complications and modern design in a watch that still adhered to tradition. Those who don't get to listen to watch maker rhetoric often may not be quite as aware of the strong role that "tradition" plays in Cartier watch making. It is the concept that there are certain rules of watch making and design that really can't be neglected or left out.

As such, Cartier's interpretation of the stylish sexiness that is Cartier well-known reputation as being the designer for Ferrari was captured for the first time in the Cartier watch - that helped celebrate 80 years of Cartier. I got to check out that watch a bit and look forward to writing about it soon. Now comes a new watch that is thankfully much more affordable, but retains the tenants of the Replica Rolex | Breitling, Replica Brands Watches Sale For UK design. This is the new for 2011 Cartier - and is cool little number.

Pascal Raffy, Cartier discussed the watch as a sober and modern looking homage to watch making tradition that goes back centuries. He sort of shuns "right now" designs in favor of aesthetics that have the ability to still look good a long time in the future. Cartier, along with many other brands interested in offering modern looking watches that hopefully have a timeless look to them have focused around the color gray. There are said to be five distinct gray colors in the Cartier - all that were dutifully selected by Cartier. Cartier wants to abstain from using other colors in the first that the design would not have the purist feel he wanted to go for.

You can see the design of the 45mm wide case made up of steel with parts of it done in black. Not sure of the how the black was done. It has an interesting texture to it that i am not sure I am familiar Replica Panerai Watches UK | AAA Quality Panerai For Sale. Like many other high-end Cartier watch, this one is in the "pocket watch" style case with the bow at the top, and is a convertible. They refer to this as their "Amadeo case" style. The straps can be quick released and the watch can turn into a pendant, Cartier watch, or the back folded down to make it a table clock. Cool right? The system actually works rather well, and doesn't feel haphazard in design.

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