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This map will include any sites that has at least 200 total feet of land growing or producing food for public consumption. This may be food that is intended for sale at local markets or simply to give away to the public in any form (friends and neighbors and/or food banks). Any food site should be employing sustainable methods whether composting, testing and when needed ridding the soil of lead and other contaminants, rain catch systems, etc. We also want to include any public edible landscaping where, for example, there are more than two fruit producing trees in one block.

This food growing map is the first in what will be a multi-layered map of all of New Orleans' existing and developing ecologically oriented sites. In as much, the map is an ongoing, living thing.

Below is part of our manifesto for the New Orleans Open Green Map. The full version can be found on our Green Map profile.

Simply, we believe Green Mapping New Orleans can involve everyone in the healthy development of place. Or, as other Green Mappers tell it, Green Mapping is the mechanism used to promote “inclusive participation in sustainable community development” (greenmap.org).

We believe a New Orleans Green Map will be part of a global network that creates “perspective-changing community portraits,” open up possibilities for community enhancement, provide greater possibility for communication and partnerships between like-minded communities, groups and organizations, and provide another level of diversity to the rich tourist fare of the city.

All in all, the map can help our city produce the necessities and services for our communities with local resources that don’t harm us.

We encourage anyone to be a part of this endeavor in any way they can. You can access our profile and progress here at www.greenmap.org. You can email us through the Green Map site to be a part of our group and you can post sites directly to the Open Green Map for confirmation.


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New Orleans Green Map
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