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Arizona Homegrown Solutions (www.azhomegrownsolutions) has embarked upon a multi-year partnership to work with the residents of Nuestro Barrio to transform their vision plan for the community into a master plan focused on low-tech environmental sustainability, economic development, and cultural promotion. This project speaks to all of our main initiatives: food and water security, resource conservation, community building including job creation, enhancing the local ecosystem and HAVING FUN!! Elements of this project include community wide: --tree canopy coverage (goal 50% in the next 5 years - currently at less than 2%) --waste management including increased recycling, green waste composting and creative reuse of waste products --public edibles spaces including gardens, orchards and native edibles --community rain and greywater harvesting including daylighting existing canals --rehabilitation of neighborhood architecture including original adobe structures --energy audits, passive solar projects and small-scale solar projects --creating green jobs by working with local businesses and educational facilities --leadership building --public art installations Learn a little about the history, present and future of the Nuestro Barrio Community by coming with us on a tour of the neighborhood. There are many, many ways to interact with this project that we will also be discussing.

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