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I attended this walk in Sea-to-Sky Walk-in Medical Clinic Anonymous (neverificat)

I attended this walk in clinic with my son to have stitches removed. I didn't have his medical card with us. The clinic refused to call his usual doctor's office in Vancouver to get the number, and instead demanded that we pay $75 cash to have the stitches removed. Having no choice, I paid. We waited for over an hour, while many who came after us were seen first.

The doctor was unable to remove one stitch, and told us to come back in two days - another $75 of course.

When I came back with his health card, the clinic told me they would have to wait to see if MSP would cover it before refunding me! When I asked why that was - If I had the card when I first brought him in for treatment, it would have been covered, no questions asked, why must we now wait "to see if MSP would cover it" after having been forced to pay a $75 fee?

I can't help but wonder if the attitude and poor service was influenced by the fact that we are Native. I hope not, but it's hard not to wonder.

When I called the clinic in Vancouver where my son usually attends, they told me that it's routine to provide that information to other clinics when someone doesn't have their card with them, and that when someone comes in without a card, they always call their regular clinic to get the information, or that the client can call it in later - that there is no need to physically return with a card, or to wait for a refund.

We've complained to the provincial ministry. If you can go elsewhere, I would recommend you do. Terrible service, terrible attitude.

09/27/2011 - 09:05
That's too bad you Sea-to-Sky Walk-in Medical Clinic Anonymous

That's too bad you experienced such a bad time. I have been many times to this clinic, and haven't had any problems.... except the long waits!!!... but that goes with the territory... the clinic has no idea how many people will come a knockin'.
As far as being seen after "people" that came in "after" you. ... That is probably not the case.... This clinic will allow you to leave, if there is a long wait time. You just need to check in every 30-45min to check to see where you are in the Que!... you just needed to ask.
As far as the medical Number... yeah... it would have been nice for them to call..... but the card is "your" responsibility.... I carry mine with me, always.

There is always the Hospital, Emergency... as an alternative.... however, the emergency department will see patients, not in order, but in sequence of severity..... and you can't leave and check in every so often

09/27/2011 - 09:05
I don't think the post from Sea-to-Sky Walk-in Medical Clinic Anonymous

I don't think the post from May 10, 2010 is helpful or relative. Good for you for always caring your care card with you. However, the person above obviously didn't have theirs with them and I have been in that situation before and would be furious if I was charges $75 as I am sure you would be too. It is outrageous that the receptionist didn't contact your clinic or get you to phone it in later.

09/27/2011 - 09:05
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