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Dumbarton Road Corridor Environment Trust (DRCET) wanted to make it easier for people to find out what is going on in their community. Developing a community map was seen as an effective and interactive way to collect and share information about the plethora of organisations and wide range of activities happening in the local area.

It is hoped that more people will get involved with local organisations and that those organisations with similar agendas will be able to work together more effectively to have a greater impact on the local communities and people that we serve.

The map has been developed with cnsideration of the Transition Towns model which focuses on sustainability, environment and community.

Development of the community map
The map will be developed in different phases.
    1) Phase One - launch of the initial community map and promotion throughout the local area and beyond. Features include:
    - Community organisations especially those that offer volunteering opportunities
    - Community assets including community centres, parks, green spaces and assets that encourage green living
    - Existing and potential areas for community growing
    - Eye sores and areas that require improvement
    2) Phase Two - recruitment of more collaborators and team members to expand and increase the content and usefulness of the map across the current geographical area
    3) Phase Three - expansion both geographically as well as creating specific thematic maps, including the production of hard copies of the community map

We believe that the community map can make a significant contribution to DRCET achieving our vision and mission.

Our vision is of vibrant, thriving and resilient communities where people are inspired and empowered to get active, get involved and make a difference for their communities, future generations and the planet as well as helping us.

Our mission is to protect and enhance the local environment and to increase the wellbeing and resilience of local people and communities.


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I am seeking information Scotstoun Parish Church Anonymous

I am seeking information regarding 'Scotstoun East Parish Church' previous to the amalgamation during the eighties. I understand that the old church at the corner of Dumbarton Road was destroyed by fire sometime after this. I would be pleased if anyone has any information about certain historical artifacts that would have been removed between the amalgamation move and the fire and whether these still exist in storage or anywhere else ie, bronze plaques etc.
My interest in this matter arises from the fact that my Grandfather held office in the old church and was also the church organist approx during during the 1930,s 40,s. / His name was: James, Alexander Cromar and the Minister during this time was Rev. Cruickshanks. If anyone can help me with any information regarding the old church I would be very grateful...Thank You...........Janetta, Kerr Gibson (nee Taylor) TEL. 01236 781888

04/28/2014 - 10:40
Who ever designed this is a Double Roundabout - Westland Drive, Danes Drive & Victoria Park Drive North Anonymous

Who ever designed this is a moron.

02/25/2016 - 12:57
It's great for walking dogs, Victoria Park Nature Trail Anonymous

It's great for walking dogs, children and (sometimes) finding solitude

01/18/2016 - 09:11
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