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Thank you! Before it appears on the map, it will be reviewed by the Green Map team. If you register and login first, your username will appear on each site you have suggested, and you will receive an email when your suggestion is added to the map.

Explore the map to make sure your suggestion fits its theme and area. Add local green living sites, nature, social innovation and cultural resources that will help the community make progress toward sustainability. Be honest and fair. More details are in the FAQ.

Selectează un simbol principal pentru acest loc verde. Simbolul principal ar trebui să reprezinte caracterul primar al acestui loc.
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Poți adăuga etichete descriptive pentru locul tău pentru a-l face mai ușor de găsit de către alte persoane. Separați etichetele prin virgule.
Provide as much detail as you can about the site's green attributes or problems. The first 255 characters (a few sentences) are the most important. They will appear first when users click on your site. You can include paragraph breaks and links to social media, a report or review.
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