How can I add to the Open Green Map?

Here are ways you can add your own important input to Open Green Maps:

Click any site on the map. It opens with a small info-window.
Click the site's title or the + in the upper right corner for the expanded info-window.

Here, you can see the Mapmaker's Overview and a row of tabs. Each Tab invites you to add your own insights and images, creating a social networking space for the site.

We suggest you take a moment to register by clicking Create New Account on the upper right. As a registered Contributor, you will not need to add your name, email and spell out the "captcha" each time you add text or an image. Login when you return and save steps each time you contribute new content. Your username will appear by each image or text you contribute.

  • Overview: To rate the site, click the stars. 5 is best (hover to see the rankings).
  • Comments: Explain more about the site in any language. Add an update and let everyone know how the site is evolving. You can start a new comment or click the green 'reply' to respond to an existing comment.
  • Connections: Click Related Sites. Every site using the same primary Icon on the OGM platform is automatically linked here, so you can compare different approaches and solutions. Coming Soon: Related Links to review or add a related website, news story or resource. Directions explain how to get there on bike, foot or mass transit (special needs, too). Volunteer Opportunities: Get involved!
  • Multimedia: Share your own images and videos, and express yourself! OGM displays your multimedia but does not host it, as explained on the form. If you have problems, click this FAQ's How can I add pictures?
  • Impacts Index: This is very important. Choose an impact from the menu on the right, then click Add Yours! You can also add a comment about how this site has changed you. Click the box and let us know if you discovered this site through this map, too.
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