The Green Merchant

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The Green Merchant

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About Us

The Green Merchant group would like to develop urban sustainability, offering low cost solutions to food production, and living hand-in-hand with the community and nature. Our Aim is to take previously unutilised land, whereby turning it into a productive and necessary part of the urban environment.

The Vision

With our model, vision and recently discovered knowledge we want to empower the community, encourage schools, church groups, businesses, and general households to be accountable for the environment and their waste, contribute to living a better, greener type of lifestyle. Proving that greener can be cheaper and healthier, and that as a community we can become more sustainable, control our urban waste and decay by implementing such models along with recycling, re-using, and education.

With the structure and model in place, The Green Merchant would like to offer the community an alternative lifestyle. The land can be turned into a full organic garden, boasting fresh produce that can be sold. The model entails a organic fruit and vegetable outdoor undercover stall, for the sale of the produce, a weekend organic market (+-20 stalls) offerings from the community to the community (jams, arts and crafts, herbs, honey, baking etc) Creating job opportunities, creating an attraction to the area, a jungle gym for the children, outdoor tea garden and weekly workshops on the benefits of composting, earthworm farming, urban green living, and growing your own herbs and vegetables. Hosting, various community projects by getting local schools, churches and community leaders to contribute with their waste, and being rewarded against purchases made at the Green Merchants.

The Green Merchants will work hand in hand with registered organic farmers to ensure that fresh produce will always be readily available, especially within the opening months in the development phase of the garden, with ongoing supply of fresh vegetables, fruits, juices and herbs.

The implementation of this model is affordable. All items are of a recyclable nature, from legal pallet wood, to composting, to water and electricity usage. Stamping our carbon footprint, implementing and encourage better and alternative methods in all aspects of daily living that we all take for granted.

“This means a healthier community that works for the community with ongoing projects and benefits”


The Green Merchants would like to implement a healthy, fresh and organic outlet to the community, while providing knowledge and demonstrating the benefits of alternative green living. Offering the community an organic market whereby creating an income and uplifting individuals, a garden to which boasts it produce and demonstrates its purpose, recycling center, earthworm composting farm (from daily urban waste) and skills workshops – ultimately putting back into the community

The City of Cape Town encourages smart living schemes and a huge advocate of green living.

This project has the potential of putting an area “on the map” and making it a leading community in green healthier living which has become well sort after.

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The Green Merchant

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