Ithaca Farmers Market

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Ithaca Farmers Market

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Three locations downtown where you can buy fresh organic local food during spring, summer and fall. The covered market near the Cayuga Inlet waterfront is certainly a must with delicious fresh organic produces from surrounding farms. Vegetables, cheese, wine, bread, meat, beautiful flowers, unique gifts and specialty foods, clothing and accessories, and a dazzling array of paintings, pottery, woodworking, and jewelry offered by distinguished fine artists and craftspeople from around the region. People can come biking, walking and kayaking, and can listen to live music and have a picnic by the water thanks a wide variety of world food such as burritos, sushi or Sri Lankan cuisine. Ecocruises are available from the docks, although the recent outbreak of invasive Hydrilla had it close until further notice.
Steamboat Landing (Cayuga Inlet)
Sat. 4/2 - 10/29 — 9am to 3pm
Sat. 11/5 - 12/24 — 10am to 2pm
Sun. 5/1 - 10/30 — 10am to 3pm

Two other locations downtown:
Dewitt Park
Tuesdays 5/3 - 10/25 — 9am-2pm
Thursdays 6/9-10/27 — 4pm-7pm

Women's Community Building (winter time)
Sat. 2/26 — 11am to 2pm

In addition to being such a nice place to hang around during week ends, it is committed to a Zero Waste policy goal. In the spring of 2007, the Ithaca Farmers Market moved toward a greener and more sustainable Market at Steamboat Landing and adopted a Zero Waste Program. This is a new way of looking at our waste stream. Nothing is viewed as “garbage” but, instead, seen as a valuable “resource” to be managed and reused. Their goal was to eliminate the large quantity of garbage generated during Market and, in the process, become a model for other organizations looking to minimize their impact on the environment.

With the co-operation of food vendors they switched to fully compostable utensils and partnered with a local company, Cayuga Compost, to take all of the waste produced at the Market and turn it into rich, fertile compost. This now can be used to grow more local produce. They also encouraged customers to bring their own reusable coffee mugs and containers to further reduce waste.
In 2008, in an effort to try to eliminate plastic shopping bags, they began providing low cost, reusable IFM shopping bags for customers. This enables many vendors to greatly reduce the number of bags that are passed out each day.


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