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Good Gums

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Good-Gums is an all-natural vitamin and herb formula that you gently massage into the gums with a toothbrush, giving a lot of people dramatic improvement in their gum health. Good-Gums is made to be absorbed by the gums, so it can give help right where it’s needed. It comes as a powder that dissolves instantly on contact with saliva, so that what’s massaged into the gums is a liquid solution that’s rich in vitamin C and herbs. The reason it comes as a powder is that being dried allows the ingredients to retain their potency much better.

Made with a blend of all-natural herbs, Good-Gums, a toothpaste replacement, provides critical minerals essential for building strong tooth enamel and healthy gums, but never leaves behind a film like toothpaste.As a green business partner, Good-Gums has gone above and beyond to make an environmentally safe product. Not only is the product 100% non-toxic, it is sold in a recyclable, BPA free plastic container, as well as packaged in a paper box made from recycled content. When in the design phase of the product, owner Isabelle searched for a manufacturer that was willing to comply with her high environmental standards. Using her health and wellness background, Isabelle created a new, one of a kind product that is the only one on the market today. The product is offered for sale online and every Saturday at the Sarasota Farmers Market.

Good Gums became a Sarasota County Green Business Partner in 2015. The Green Business Partnership (GBP) encourages environmental stewardship in the commercial sector, and recognizes businesses that make an extra effort to operate in an environmentally responsible manner. This collaborative effort includes businesses, business organizations and local governments. The GBP was initiated through a grant awarded by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection to Sarasota County. For more information about the Green Business Partnership visit: www.scgov.net/greenbusiness


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Good Gums

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