Positive Energy Home

493 E College Street
OH 44074

Positive Energy Home

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The McDaniel residence is a Climate-Neutral, Positive-Energy Home. Passive-solar design (envelope and window placement) reduces by about half the energy needed to heat the house. Then, via passive-solar design features, sunshine provides about half of the energy required for heating and lighting the house. The remaining 25% of the energy required for running the home is provided by on site sunshine via active solar features and on-site wood.

Domestic hot water: AP-30 Evacuated Tube System on roof with Solvelox pumping station, 80 gallon preheat tank, and Bosch RP7P tankless electric water heater in house.

Woodstove: HearthStone Tribute, Model 8040, soapstone, 36,000 BTUs, EPA Rating: 2.9 grams per hour, less than a cord provides all heat.

Geothermal pond loop and heat pump: Locally designed geothermal loop (Buck Webster, Oberlin, OH) and Carrier heat pump can heat and cool house for an estimated annual cost of $200 ($0.10/kWh); however, in the first year geothermal system was only used a few times in the winter and not in summer because of mild weather.

The 3kW photovoltaic array on the back roof of the house was installed in 2008. The system consists of 24 Kyocera 130W modules and a Fronius grid-tie inverter. The McDaniels have calculated the PV array may completely cover their annual electricity usage.



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