Armezem Do Cais

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Armezem Do Cais

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Pedro Malvão is a self-taught artist born and raised in historic Paraty, Brazil. Malvão began experimenting with art at a young age, familiarizing himself with artistic expression by creating playful masks made of clay and paper mache. As an adult, after working as a welding engineer, Pedro Malvão dropped everything to devote his life to art. Most notably known for his depictions of nature and animals, Malvão’s work is sold around the world including countries such as Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Canada, Japan, Holland, and the United States of America. Malvão has been happily creating art for the past 15 years.
Sustainable Features
Malvão focuses on incorporating sustainability into every piece he develops. He uses recycled materials as canvases, such as driftwood, demolition wood and tree stumps in combination with acrylic paints and paper mache. These materials are manipulated to resemble animals enhanced with bright colors to depict the exciting culture of Brazil. Walking into his studio you will hear music by local artists and find that Malvão uses his art as interior décor to a very inviting, natural space. He shares his studio with additional local artists who sell paintings depicting the history and culture of Paraty. Outside his studio you will find a piece from his ant collection on a nearby tree which he uses to help build up the already natural beauty of this old Brazilian colonial city.
Additional Sustainable Features:
-Use recycled materials and considers organic products as alternatives
-Uses energy efficient design
-Uses energy efficient equipment
-Use green power such as wind for natural ventilation
-Purchases items with minimal packaging material
-Promote little use of paper materials
-Works with local artists
-Provides language training and appropriate skill training
-Supports community projects by donating his work
-Continuously develops goals to achieve sustainability and an environmentally sustainable mission statement


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This store has a unique collection of amazing art using various mediums and materials.



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Armezem Do Cais

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This store has a unique collection of amazing art using various mediums and materials.

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