How can I add photos or videos?

We look forward to displaying your expressive images and videos, helping to enrich the story of each site on the map. All of the photos and videos are embedded from third-party websites, none is stored on this website, though.

If you are a public Contributor submitting images and videos under any site's Multimedia Tab, click the links and follow the instructions to embed the code or link (the website's address or URL) from,,,,, etc. Add credits or a few words to describe each item. You can add as many photos or videos as you want.

You may want to search a photo sharing website for an image of a specific green site. If the image is one you found, be sure it's not copyrighted, and credit the creator.

Registered Mapmakers or those clicking Suggest a Site, there is a blue Video & Photo link on the Site Form. Follow the instructions there.

Using In Flickr, your image needs to be Public in order to show on OGM (if you are logged in at Flickr, it might not be obvious that your pictures are not Private). You can log out to check & simply put the image's URL into your browser. (Note: at Flickr, if you tag your images as greenmap, people searching for our network will find it!)

Using Picasa Web Albums: In order to submit a photo hosted in Picasa Web Albums, users need to create an account with Google and embed their OWN pictures hosted in this photo sharing resource, not others' images. The submitter needs to copy and paste the URL into the form, NOT the LINK option that Picasa shows in the right hand side. (Note: tag your images as greenmap, so people searching for our network will find it!)

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