Take Part! Green Map projects are direct, democratic communication, dependent on local knowledge and action. Mapmaking teams work together developing the network, skills and spirit it takes to initiate and complete a challenging project with important awareness, social and environmental impacts. Register as a Green Mapmaker at GreenMap.org/join.

To be a ‘public contributor’ and simply suggest sites or join a Green Map team, click Login on the upper right. Details are in the FAQ above. Please NOTE - if you want to create Green Maps, do not register on this page, please start at GreenMap.org/join.

By becoming the leader of your community's Green Map team, you will be making a major contribution to a healthier, more sustainable future with the help of our award-winning iconography, collaboratively created tools and network. You can make several Open Green Maps, and use our adaptable tools to create printed Green Maps, murals and other formats that reach and motivate people throughout your community and beyond. More about the Green Mapmakers, their profiles and impacts can be found on the About page of the organizational side of this website. Linked to the upper right of this website, GreenMap.org/home provides Green Map System’s evolving story since 1995.

Public contributors are really important, too! Your thoughtful site suggestions – whether made online or with your mobile phone – will help ensure Open Green Maps are up to date and accurate. If you are logged in, your username will appear on each suggestion, image, video or comment you contribute.

We welcome your feedback about this mapmaking platform and our way of supporting a broad diversity of places, communities and models merging the low-carbon economy, environmental vitality and social equity.

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