What does this website offer?

OGM is an interactive participatory mapmaking platform developed by Green Map System. This social mapping website helps registered Green Mapmakers worldwide chart their communities' sustainability sites, pathways and resources online and invites the public to enhance each listing. OGM guides users to explore and connect; it also displays the public's insights, images and impacts about each of these significant places.

Continually growing, OGM can be accessed by clicking links on GreenMap.org or other websites, through widgets (portable embeddable OGM maps).

You may have arrived directly from GreenMap.org, which is our gathering point for both the makers and users of Green Maps worldwide. Online since Green Map System began in 1995, this website continually grows as new Mapmakers add profiles about their maps and their organizations. Many of the website's adaptable mapmaking resources and collaboration features are not available to the public, but you can learn about 100+ tools in GreenMap.org's Resources section.

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