How can I draw a Line (Route) on my map?

We use the terms Line and Route interchangeably!

If you have yet to do so, enable Lines and Areas toward top of the Map Edit form. Click Submit on the bottom.

Click Add a Route on the tab over your map. On the map that appears at the top, we suggest zooming in as close as possible, in order to create an accurate line. Click on the map to create the starting point of the linear feature. Click, click, click each corner along the path you want to draw. To finish the line, just double-click.

Once you have finished drawing, you can move your mouse over the line and drag points to be more precise. You can delete points by right-clicking (PC users) or by pressing the Control key and clicking (Mac users).

DRAWING TIP: If you want to have more flexibility when you are drawing, you can add more points to your line by slightly moving the shaded squared-shape points to any direction. This will recompose your line.

Complete the rest of the information and don’t forget to click Submit to save your submission.

We have found you cannot edit the line after it is submitted. So be accurate the first time. If you need to change information later, you can, If you must change the line, start with a new Add Route form and copy paste in the existing info. The click Submit.

. If you want to delete it, click Edit, scroll to the bottom and click Delete.

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