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Map Country Number of Sites
Guinée Culture - Conakry Guinea 101
Hamburg NAJU Green Map Germany 88
Hammana, حمانا Lebanon 19
Happy Earth Environmental Education Sustainability Forum South Africa 17
Harrington Park United States 22
Harta Verde Arad Romania 99
Harta Verde Bacau Romania 16
Harta Verde Bistrița Romania 80
Harta Verde Bistrița - Pericole Romania 1
Harta Verde Cluj-Napoca Romania 1,140
Harta Verde Cluj-Napoca - tipar Romania 249
Harta Verde Constanța Romania 32
Harta Verde Iasi Romania 9
Harta Verde Nasaud Romania 2
Harta Verde Oradea Romania 17
Harta Verde Timișoara Romania 38
Harvest Cowbridge United Kingdom 11
Hatteras Island United States 134
Hawthorne United States 68
Helsinki Finland 45
Helsinki All Sites Finland 68
Heritage Orchards Wales United Kingdom 1
Hershey, PA United States 37
Historic Montclair United States 126
Historical Sites United States 18
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