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Map Country Number of Sites
Less = More NYC United States 304
Green Map Quartier des Nations Unies Switzerland 166
Harta Verde Constanța Romania 32
Beautiful RVA Green Map United States 25
PermaBrooklyn United States 20
Uganda: Cultural Ecology Map 1 22
Cape Town Public Libraries South Africa 102
WM - Asset Map/Green Map United States 17
Gower: Managing Natural Beauty United Kingdom 14
전북 생태 지도 South Korea 202
Glasgow WAVE Volunteer Map United Kingdom 25
Bayreuth von morgen Germany 33
NYC Fashion United States 105
Wales: Cultural Ecology Map 1 United Kingdom 68
Embalse Cañaveralejo Colombia 12
Passive House in New York United States 36
Green Map DAVOS Switzerland 27
Ithaca 2012 United States 201
LA Schools Green Map United States 43
Sustainable State of Mississippi United States 220
Guide to Sustainable Fashion Philippines 10
KwaZulu Natal Midlands Green Map South Africa South Africa 134
Happy Earth Environmental Education Sustainability Forum South Africa 17
Kenya: Cultural Ecology Map 1 Kenya 53
Wales: Cultural Ecology Map 2 United Kingdom 12
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