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Nottingham Road Brewing Company

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Nestling in the shady grounds of the elegant Rawdons Hotel, in the heart of the Midlands Meander, you’ll find a thriving independent brewery which has long been delighting locals and visitors with a range of 100% natural handbrewed ales and lagers.

The secret of the company’s success lies in the outstanding range of beers produced here. Only the purest spring water drawn from an artesian well on the grounds and finest quality hops and malted barley are used to create beers of outstanding character with a smooth, well-rounded taste.

Whistling Weasel Pale Ale - Whilst imbibing Whistling Weasel Pale Ale, you may wonder just what makes it so tasty and invigorating. It’s not the finest quality hops, malt or barley. It’s not even the pure spring water that makes our Pale Ale so special. No, it’s got something to do with our whistling brewer, who believes that whistling a tune while tending his brew adds a dash of joy and light-heartedness to every glass. So there you have it.

Tiddly Toad Lager - Tiddly Toad is our lightest beer, but should never be confused with those wishy-washy "lite" brews that make real beer drinkers cringe. Our lager has delicious fullness, and a more fine hops than a hyperactive toad. But it’s light enough to ensure that no matter how much you drink, you’ll never feel like you’ve had enough. In fact, some Tiddly Toad fans believe that regular drinking of this brew gives you more years before you croak.

Pye-Eyed Possum Pilsner - It took months of careful fermentation and maturation to bring this excellent bottle of Pie-Eyed Possum to you. So savour it. Delight in the rich, bitter flavour and the noble hop bouquet. Designed for serious beer drinkers, this pilsner is also fairly high in alcohol. Which means that more than a few bottles might make you a bit unsteady on your feet. But don’t worry – should you find yourself unexpectedly horizontal, simply explain to your friends that you are playing Possum.

Pickled Pig Porter - Pickled Pig Porter is a full, dark beer, slightly bitter, and perfect for cold-weather drinking. It is also brewed with pure spring water, is rich in minerals, with no preservatives added. "So what?" you say. Well, that means that our delicious Porter is good for you – the more you drink, the better you feel. It also means that Pickled Pig won’t give you a hangover. So you can get as pickled as… well, as a pig, and feel fine tomorrow morning.

Tipsy Tiger India Pale Ale - Did you know that our Tipsy Tiger India Pale Ale was created out of necessity? One, a necessity to drink beer (obviously), and two, a necessity to keep it from going sour on the long sea voyage from India to England all those years ago. The solution? Up the alcohol content and add it to an extra healthy dose of hops. Which means you may start to feel like you’re losing your sea legs after a few rounds, but at least we know one thing… tigers like to swim.

Beer Cheese - Our Beer Cheese is made with Nottingham Road Brewing Company Pickled Pig Porter.

The Rawdons Pub and Brew gift shop stock Notties' original and distinctive beers, and they can also be found on tap in selected outlets in the Midlands and elsewhere around South Africa.

+27 (0) 33 2666 728


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Nottingham Road Brewing Company

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