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James Brown - On The Road

I encourage you to play around with the Opengreenmap interface. This is true web convergence at work: wiki-style user-generated content and google maps.

Be More Eco

[Green Map] will hit a whole new level with the ...Open Green Map: a community site that makes the project accessible to all...

Green in the city

...And just when I thought it didn't get better, I stumbled across...Open Green Map. ...input our latest environmental finds onto a public, interactive, online map.

SSoA - Live Projects 2008

There is loads of content and maps. Interestingly you can create maps of the people making the maps featured, relating to the point raised over the social network and communities being potentially more important then the map itself.


Green lifestyle pointers and DIY tips come in more than a few flavors...Green Map guides, in hundreds of cities, chart local green resources.


Combining the expansion of the mobile internet and the desire to live green, Open Green Maps use technology to connect communities in the real world.


Real-Time Mapping of Growing Green Communities: Green Maps to become interactive green social networks...


...when I found out about Green Map, my map-lovin' heart skipped a beat...a global source for geographically charted information on all things green.

Janet Felsten, Baltimore Green Mapmaker

...working with Green Map harness social entrepreneurship with the ...Open Green Map to create a financially viable, sustainable and expanding local network...

Planet Pink n' Green

This online map program is fabulous and I'm inspired. What a cool way to get connected and see what's green around the country.

...since it is interactive, the locals who really know their home can give the inside scoop – it’ll be like being with the green in-crowd wherever you are…

Spatial Sustain of the more intriguing Google Maps interface efforts... certainly in line with their exquisite map design efforts to date… I look forward to contributing...

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