Welcome to Open Green Map, the interactive mapmaking tool that helps people worldwide promote their community’s sustainability sites, routes and resources. Explore thousands of natural, cultural and green living resources in cities and towns all over the world. Add your own viewpoint to any site with a comment, rating, photo or video. Or suggest new sites from your desktop or with your mobile phone today!

Created by Green Map System to promote sustainable community development, OGM merges our globally designed iconography, Google Map and open source Drupal technology with local knowledge. Thanks to insightful mapmaking teams around the world, the resulting interactive maps can be explored with ease. Choose a city from the Maps menu, zoom in and discover all the sites or toggle the legend to explore a filtered view. You can access embedded Open Green Maps in other websites, or find ‘what’s green nearby’ sites with your mobile phone. Jump from our World View map, use Search, or compare by the icon, there are many ways to find sites of interest with Open Green Map!

• Click any icon on the map to learn about the site. When the info window opens, click More for description and tabs for public viewpoints, impact assessments, images, videos and PDFs.

• Hover over any of our award-winnings icons for its meaning or download the chart in several languages.

• Transform OGM’s interface by choosing a language on the upper left, with translation contributed by Green Map teams around the world.

• Download Resources, including a flowchart for a quick overview of OGM’s features or watch a video, and find more you can do with OGM.

You can even enhance your own website or blog with our Green Map Widgets. These widgets help your audience explore maps and find green sites, as well as learn about our organization and the mapmakers in each city. Each will find great resources for everyday green living.

With OGM, Green Map System is taking its mission of inclusive participation in sustainable community development to the next level. To support our local network of over 700 registered communities in 55 countries, we launched OGM in June 2009 with a global celebration. There are now around 200 Open Green Maps with about 17,000 sites for you to explore, share, compare and enhance. Highlighting ecotourism, mobility, local food, learning, the outdoors, and more, these maps are designed for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Open Green Map:

  • Allows instant easy publishing, updating and expansion of Green Map projects.
  • Reduces barriers to interactive mapmaking while encouraging essential community participation.
  • Invites the public to find, filter and compare the attributes of any site, and then enrich them by adding comments and multimedia elements in any language.
  • Encourages residents and visitors to suggest sites directly to any Green Map where local Mapmakers can review and approve them, then invite new team members to get involved.
  • Provides an interactive base for crowd-sourcing green site data worldwide with great potential for sharing and open development of new apps, tools and resources for a sustainable future.

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Support our effort to reach more people, gather more sites and open our door to the next phase of development, extending our outcomes and initiatives. Provided ad-free, Open Green Map welcomes your tax-deductible donations and sponsorship please.

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