Where else can I find answers to questions about Green Map System?

We have provided you with three FAQs (frequently asked questions):

This one, which mainly covers the Open Green Map.
GreenMap.org has an overview FAQ (there is a Site Map too).
At GreenMap.org/join, there is a FAQ about becoming a Green Mapmaker.

You may also enjoy the articles and stories that have been written about us.

There is much more to explore at GreenMap.org! If you have looked around the website's hundreds of pages and still have questions, our staff can help you by email. You can reach us by mail at PO Box 249, New York, NY 10002, or by phone at +1 212 674 1631. Our Contact link on the bottom of every page.

We hope your experience with the Open Green Map, our local Green Maps, and our other online resources are truly helpful and inspiring to you. We welcome your feedback, testimonials and suggestions.

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