Frequently Asked Questions - About our Organization, Green Map System

A non-profit organization, Green Map System promotes inclusive participation in sustainable community development around the world, using mapmaking as its medium. Active since 1995, the Green Map network of locally-led projects includes more than 500 cities, towns and villages in over 50 countries.

Think Global, Map Local! Explore the hundreds of local Green Maps, the diverse Mapmakers who created them, our globally recognized iconography, our awards and news, and our organization's history at

Think Global, Map Social! In 2008, Green Map System began developing the Open Green Map, a new social mapping website that is revolutionizing Green Mapmaking. Launching in June 2009, OGM creates an online community space that helps people share their insights, images and impacts about green sites on both a local and global scale. The About section has a general introduction to this interactive mapmaking and social networking platform.

Green Map System's global office is in New York City.
Send mail to PO Box 249, New York NY USA 10002-0249, or email us to arrange a visit to our East Village office at info [@] greenmap [.] org.
Reach us by phone at 1+ 212 674 1631.

There are different ways to take part in our growing global movement.

You can become the leader of your local community's Green Map team and make a major contribution to your home’s healthier and more sustainable future. Potential Green Mapmakers should explore the Participate section at to register a new Green Map project, and to use our adaptable tools, our award-winning copyrighted icons and trademarked name. Currently, you must be a registered Green Mapmaker to create an interactive Open Green Map.

Our Participate section includes resources for Green Map Users, Researchers, Journalists and Supporters. There are links for Youth, University students and other Global Citizens, too. There's a wealth of inspiring resources based on the experiences of Mapmakers worldwide!

If you are a public user of this platform, click How can I add to the Open Green Map? in this FAQ to find great ways to interact with this platform.

See this FAQ's How can I help support this important work? for more ways to help as a Contributor to its data and to support its growth.

Using OGM is free, but there are expenses from building and maintaining OGM. Please click the Donate button on the bottom menu to contribute online.

Using and enhancing the Open Green Map is a great way to start! You can explore the sites on the maps, rate them, add your own comment and connections, images and videos and share how each green site has impacted your life. Each site has a Share This button to let your friends know about it. You can also Flag entries by others that are misleading or inaccurate (the Mapmaker - Team Leader - will receive a message shortly).

Coming Soon! Promote OGM with a banner or button and spread the news about this great resource. Check the Share & Promote link on the top menu. Soon, you will be able to create a widget so you can display an Open Green Map within your own website or blog.

Make a financial donation! Help support a global movement that benefits communities worldwide. We welcome tax-deductible financial contributions, in-kind donations and services, gifts of stock, grants and sponsorships (find out who is helping OGM possible by clicking Sponsors on the bottom menu).

Please introduce your friends, foundations and other sponsors to Green Map System. Help support the ongoing development of mapmaking tools, outreach and communications resources that build leadership skills in youth and adults around the world, including in many low-income areas.

You may see a message on the home page about a contest or special opportunity to support this work. Your votes make a real difference! You can also support our overall effort by clicking's Donation link on its bottom menu.

Share your skills and social/environmental knowledge - from graphic and web design, PR and marketing, to urban and rural outreach. We welcome volunteers and interns, please use the Contact link on the bottom menu and tell us what you offer. Help us build the organizational, technical and network-wide capacity to cultivate effective local leadership that promotes a healthier and greener future, for all of us.

Shop at our Store! Buy printed maps, our books and media products, including t-shirts, DVDs and more.

Join Green Mapmakers worldwide and our Board in supporting the Open Green Map and Green Map System (explore our organization's donor list, too). If you are a foundation, an enterprise or another entity working towards a more sustainable, equitable and verdant future, there are several ways to sponsor Green Map System. Sponsorships can be tailored to reflect specific interests and support levels. Please contact us at:

We have provided you with three FAQs (frequently asked questions):

This one, which mainly covers the Open Green Map. has an overview FAQ (there is a Site Map too).
At, there is a FAQ about becoming a Green Mapmaker.

You may also enjoy the articles and stories that have been written about us.

There is much more to explore at! If you have looked around the website's hundreds of pages and still have questions, our staff can help you by email. You can reach us by mail at PO Box 249, New York, NY 10002, or by phone at +1 212 674 1631. Our Contact link on the bottom of every page.

We hope your experience with the Open Green Map, our local Green Maps, and our other online resources are truly helpful and inspiring to you. We welcome your feedback, testimonials and suggestions.

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